Social Actions

Mother’s Day

The Ramassol Group promoted a drawing competition. Our employee’s children ilustrated their own perspective on Mother’s Day; the event was a blast, and every single child was given a toy for their participation. The drawings were chosen by the employees themselves through a voting, and the three first places received a present, as well as their moms.

Children’s Day

In October, the company promotes a Children Buffet in celebration to Children’s Day; our employee’s children and the kids participating in the social project “Equoterapia”, set in Mirassol, in the state of São Paulo, are all invited to eat delicious treats and have fun with all the attractions. It’s a barrel of fun.

Support to the “Equoterapia” project

The equine therapy is a therapeutic and educational method that uses horse riding within an interdisciplinary approach in the areas of health, education, and equitation, aiming for the biopsychosocial development of people with special needs (ANDE, 1999).

June Fest

June Fest: In June, the company held a June Fest along all its employees and their families. We had several attractions, such as: train rides, bingo, inflatable toys, video arcades, and typical foods and drinks. It was fun, beautiful party organized both by the board of directors and the employees.

Food and milk donation

The company has a food and milk donation project targeted at low-income families and charity organizations; every month the project helps several people. The board of directors of Ramassol Group is directly involved with the project, paying visits to families and institution in order help them.

Sports sponsoring

The company sponsors sports like: judo, soccer, and cycling.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day: In order to celebrate Father’s Day, the company hosted a delicious breakfast to its employees. All the fathers in the company were given a beautiful T-shirt featuring a picture of them with their children; everyone loved the gift.

Ramassol Baby Kit

The employee or the pregnant wife of an employee receives a kit with several products, such as: bathtub, soap bars, disposable diapers, most tissues, and others. This project is intended to assist these families and share this moment of joy with them.

Support to charity organizations in the city of Mirassol and nearby areas.