Get to know the Ramassol Group

The successful history of a company that can always do the best for you

Created in the early nineties, the Ramassol Group has become one of the most important brands in frames and metallic structures manufacturing. Such growth was achieved through hard work, investments and our complete dedication towards our consumers’ satisfaction.

The headquarters of the Ramassol Group are composed by a 30.000m² area located in the city of Mirassol, in the state of São Paulo, by the Washington Luis highway, strategically placed to deliver our products throughout the whole national territory. The Ramassol Group has also a 40.000m² branch office located in the Brazilian midwest region.

In the last few years, the company has invested in technological improvement and updating, developing and launching new products, always trying to reach the best technical standards.

The most reliable, practical and good-looking products for the best price in the market is combination you can find in every single Ramassol product.

Awards that build our success

The Ramassol Group, with its steel product lines, was elected "TOP of MIND Revenda" brand in 2012 by the shopkeepers and retailers. "It is an honor for us at Ramassol Group to receive this award which is the recognition of the shopkeepers to our work. It was with great joy that we participate another year, this award ceremony, alongside the biggest names in the construction business of our country.”

Wandir Ramalho Tolentino
CCO at Ramassol Group.

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