Ramassol Steel

Joining outstanding quality and low costs, we offer you the best steel products available.

Ramassol Aluminum

Our aluminum line was developed to provide our clients with top quality and our total dedication.


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Get to know the Ramassol Group

Created in the early nineties, the Ramassol Group has become one of the most important brands in frames and metallic structures manufacturing. Such growth was achieved through hard work, investments and our complete dedication towards our consumers’ satisfaction.

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Qualified products

The construction business in Brazil is going through a revolution. The Ramassol products provide security and peace of mind for both sellers and buyers.

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Our products in use

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Mobile product showcase

The Ramassol Group has showcases of steel and aluminum products set up inside trucks. These mobile showcases travel around the whole country, bringing new products to shop owners and consumers in a comfortable and practical way.

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The Tetossol Metallic Structures has received once more the TOP OF MIND trophy in the RETAIL AND CONSTRUCTION category:
1rst place in the segment Steel Structures for Roofs.

The Ramassol Group thanks all the shop owners and construction companies for the recognition.

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